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I once happened to touch the reality of prostitution ... it was during the first year of university ... near the faculty of biology I attended there is a street where notoriously there is male prostitution. … once I was back towards the center with some faculty fellow friends, at about seven in the evening and we went through a piece of that street ... I remember when we saw him .. his terrible embarrassment, and our ... he was a guy who used to attend university with us .. one that you never would have said ... that he was gay, certainly not ... we knew that he had a girlfriend .. or at least so it was said ... a very nice guy, nice and always very cared in ways, in dressing ... we pulled away fast ... he was about to get into a car ... meeting him another time at the University has renewed on both sides the embarrassment ... he couldn’t even look at us .. I didn’t have much intimacy with him, there was some talk sometimes just because we were sitting close to each other waiting for the lessons to start ... I finally tried to approach him ... I didn’t even know what to say, but to pretend nothing had happened was the worst thing ... he cut it short, said it was not my business ... that each one finds the way he wants to make money, and he had found his own ... an easy way to make money ... and then one must have sex anyway, one cannot stay fasting, and he liked to have sex even that way ... I just told him to be careful .. and then that for me he was losing precious time ... he then offended me and turned away ... then I don’t know … the year after I have not seen him anymore ... But there is also another form of prostitution ... something really disgusting, which then cuts you in two and there is perhaps never more cure or if there is a cure it’s too long and you have to be lucky enough to find the right people ... and it's not easy ... I’m talking about the affective blackmailing ... people who trick guys in general very young, who feel alone, who need love, esteem, affection ... and these people eventually manage to exploit these requests to get sex in exchange and maybe then to cede those guys to others .. in short, real objects of fun ... making these guys enter a club from which it is really difficult to go out especially if they are fragile ... making him lose all confidence in others .. turning them off, freezing them ... these people are authentic delinquents ... men can be killed even so. ...

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