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Hello Project, 
I have to ask you a question: but do you think that to love each other, sexual fidelity is indispensable? Now you will think that I’m looking for excuses, but it is not so, I have not betrayed my boyfriend, it is he who betrayed me, but I have to explain well, speaking of betrayal does not make sense, because he didn’t cheat me at all, he told me it before in a sense he wanted a permit from me and I gave it to him, I only hammered him on one point, that is, that he had to be careful about health. 
Project, maybe it will seem strange to you, but at the moment I thought that he needed something else, if I had told him no he would not have done it, but he would have felt forced, so instead he felt free and I frankly didn’t I felt upset because I was not afraid of losing him and in fact I didn’t lose him, with that guy it lasted a month and then it was over. Of my boyfriend I love the sincerity, he doesn’t cheat me, I never doubt that he can hide something from me.
Among us there is also sex, of course, but there is esteem, there is affection, we love each other. For me he’s like the sun, I could not do without him and he has no secrets with me. We've been together for five years, and in the last five years he has had two short adventures, or maybe I should say two short love stories, but in the end he could not adapt to the mentality of those guys who were very possessive and very badly lived the fact that he kept seeing me too.
So he closed the stories with those guys, and one of them remained his friend and mine too. After his adventures we waited the necessary time and we had the test before having sex again between us, even if I was sure that he had put into practice all the criteria of prevention, after the test, however, the sexuality between us came back very strong, after a long period of abstinence or at least of very controlled behavior.
I am in love with my boyfriend and I think we are really a couple destined to last. Speaking with other guys anyway I feel an extreme distrust of me and of my boyfriend, they consider us strange, almost heretical, tend to see him as a traitor and me as a cuckold and the thing, if from a certain point of view amuses me on the other hand, I don’t like it, because in order to integrate ourselves among our gay friends, in practice, we have to act, to pretend.
Even among gays there are fixed patterns of behavior and there are very strong prejudices, they don’t understand that we love each other without preconceived schemes. It particularly annoys me when they see us as an open couple, that is, like two who want to have fun and who in practice pretend to be together. Perhaps we are strange, Project, but I would not give up my boyfriend, as he is, for all the gold in the world, he has no schemes in his head and is honest at all.

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