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Today a friend of mine told me: “Your new forum will never start, people can’t find it, search engines, nowadays, insert a site into their database only if that site carries advertising or the owner pays monthly to become visible. Years ago when you published a post or started a new site, a day or two later the post or the site were on google, and google was a real search engine, that provided a service to all the web community. But now the multinationals with the monopolization of the services don’t make you able to find sites or posts with valuable contents but just allow you to search between the sites that produce earnings from advertising or belong to big companies. All this without any reference to the real contents. And gay people what do they do? Internet was expected to be the great opportunity to spread debate and improve the possibilities of getting in touch with other people. Today, nevertheless, social media dominate the net and not aiming principally to make the communication easy but to carry a lot of advertising. Commercial sites have overcome discussion sites. Read or write are now something too boring for new web users. Better freezing the brain and listen to music or chatting.
Gay people are they only consumers of something supplied to them well packaged?
Periodically European Union launches some new projects for a new “European” search engine, and periodically those projects are abandoned because the European Parliament is prone to the will of the big multinationals. So, the destiny of the net is totally abandoned in the hands of the great monopolists.
Is it possible that gay people on the web search only for sex, I absolutely don’t think so, and if they seem to search only for sex that’s why search for anything else is almost impossible.
Mybb provides users (and also gay users) with software to make a nice forum and completely for free. The software is very modern and safe, and this is certainly a meritorious work, but these sites (also gay sites), if tell something about the true gay life, are not visible and their usefulness remains only theoretical.
I’d like to allow gay people all over the world to publish their stories and their thoughts on Gay Project Forum, just to let other people, and especially other gay people, know how gay guys live, what  projects they have in mind for the future. It would be very useful to let people get in touch with each other, discuss in chat with guys of different countries and become friends. It’s not a dream, it depends on ourselves . That’s why I don’t give up! I have a dream! Told someone very important, his dream was a big one, my dream is much smaller, I would just have to see this forum go. Help me to turn this dream into reality!

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