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Hello Project, I am a 54-year-old man, I have a name not very spread and for privacy I prefer not to use it, you can call me Francis. Reading the forum, which is really rich, I saw that messages related to young people and, let's say, to the early stages of life dominate. You also talk about mature men, but in fact I have never seen a post dedicated to mutual solidarity among posts dedicated to gay couples. 

Ok, yes, sex, attraction, coming out, everything you want, but they are ways of seeing things very important when one is young, are issues for people who have to start their adult life, but one is gay non only when he’s a boy, then guys become men and the meaning of a couple relationship changes for them and the need for a concrete solidarity and a stable presence becomes basic cannot be ignored.
Why do I tell you these things? The answer is simple, I've seen what it means to live like a couple when you're sick, that is when you really need to have someone close to support you and literally help you live. My life as a young gay was practically all of fantasies and pornography, at least up to 45 years, then I met a guy 24 years old, yes, he was 21 years younger than me, I, according to the usual script, would have had to let such an opportunity pass and pretend nothing happened, because he was a bit too young and I thought it could not work, but he didn’t give up and made me discover the couple sexuality and I will always thank him.
We have been together for three years, and those have been the best and most agitated years of my life, he is a bit neurotic but, in short, the result was very positive, then he found another guy, younger than me but with me he has nevertheless maintained a relationship, he has never disappeared and the level of our speeches has never descended towards banality.
I was not shocked by the fact that he had found another guy, in a sense I expected it, it was inevitable, and in fact our relationship continued to exist even if in another way. He has had his stories, has changed two or three guys, and then he ended up preferring to be alone, except for some adventure, if it happened, but without going to look for guys. When I was 52 I started to feel bad and it did not take long to realize that the situation was very serious. I felt a bit displaced because I had broken for years the relationship with my family and I was practically abandoned to myself. The very first time, I tried to do everything myself, without asking anyone for help, but it was very difficult, at the limit of the impossible.
When my ex-partner, let's say my only ex-partner (because I didn’t have had any others) knew it, first he called me, then he came to see me and he realized the problem and then he did something that I never would have expected, that is, he moved to my house and now we have been living together for two years.
I would never have imagined such a thing, he is now 32 and could have a life of fun and instead he came to stay with me. Sometimes he helps me in an affectionate way and he works hard to alleviate my ordeal as much as possible.
My father and my mother (both 78 years old and both in good health) know of my health but have not come to see me, by phone they repeat that I must find "someone" who could help me, but they mean a caregiver or a nurse, on the other hand there has never been a dialogue with them if not for good manners. My parents would not have wanted a son like me, it happened, and they had to accept me with "Christian resignation" (my mother's words). But that son has a person who loves him and this makes him happy even if he has so many serious problems to deal with. I do not know if my relationship with my ex is a couple relationship, but I think it's a relationship of love anyway. In my misfortune I can say I was a lucky man. I just have to thank my ex who has given me back a dignity and is allowing me to look at the future with less anxiety. Thanks My cub! I love you so much!

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