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Hi there, let me introduce myself, I’m T40 (1) 
What am I doing here? It is due to my favorite devil: Project.
I’m 42 years old and: straight, fascist, Catholic.
Until 2015 I was also a seminarian, in various seminars, including that of the Pope in Rome, under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.
I have a degree in modern literature with historical-artistic orientation. If you want to know how I have always thought of “it”, take any straight man from the street, one of those heavily intolerant, add the books of "Special Moral Theology"- a discipline that deals exactly with "it", add also the reading and knowledge of the documents that Project cites on the forum about the Catholic Church and garnish the whole with thoughts in the style of Nicolosi or whoever else you like. THEN WHAT? Then, in 2020 I feel really good. After the long personal break down/reconstruction, following the end of the seminar experience, suddenly I felt free from everything and everyone.
On youtube I follow an Italian guy, called 151eg (Enrico) and he talks about Steven Universe. He did his coming out, but more than this, I’m struck by what he says about gay men in his videos.
I decided to look further and searched: "what’s a gay?" on Google and I got Gay Project Forum.
It was my red pill. (2) I had found a well-organized knowledge, complete and clear answers. Shuffling through the forum topics and references, the more I read the more a concept became clear to me: "what is written here is more true than what I have always known. Why? Because It’s more logical". Everything was logical. So far I had only read as anonymous user. But inside me I felt gratitude growing for those who had organized all this stuff.
I have to explain something important. All my life I have been given homosexual stigma. Other hetero guys considered me gay by default even if it was not the truth. I have always experienced such situations like a burden. Reading the forum topics had completely freed me from any hesitation or doubt about myself. At the same time it has totally dissipated that curtain of taboo and ignorance I was used to and I found answers to questions that I would have asked someone but I had never found whom to ask. Because even just asking is taboo. Hence gratitude. So I decided to do something that is not ought to be done. I WROTE AN EMAIL TO THE DEVIL, that is to Project. I wanted to thank him. It was April 1, 2020. It meant exposing myself, leaving anonymity. But I owed it to him for everything he had already done for me. And there, what I hadn't expected at all, happened instead ... I found in Project a splendid person: more cultured than average, intelligent, polite, calm, capable of questioning himself, with a life to tell, pleasant to read ... in short, the first letter was followed by a second letter, more personal, then by a third, more personal, then by a fourth ... and we discussed about everything amiably. Often arguing amiably ... I don't esteem Pope Francis, he (Project) doesn't have much to estimate in Pope Benedict XVI but at least we both get along about Cardinal Martini. Things like that ... We ended up chatting on the phone. We have been chatting for hours, even about nothing, and in the end we both had the same feeling. He told me: “It was as talking to a friend I had always known.” and I thought exactly the same.
Before the first mail, while reading one of the contents written by Project, the manual of omosexuality, I had asked myself: " but are you as you seem or you are a completely different person and you are only fabulous to read?" No, he was a real person. Another rarity. This is why I call him the devil: what he said was mostly contrary to what I had always believed but it was much more true. He tels me to get in touch with him on Skype, but he has to guide me step by step because I don't understand anything about chatting and computers. And we continue, talking about what comes to our mind, joking, with him listening to my questions, following me in my reading the forum, and then as a good devil on April 4, 2020 makes me a joke: he invites me to enter the chat because there is a guy who speaks English and, if I was interested in speaking English, I could get in touch with him. Is there a chat? I have never been on chats of any kind in my life. And then what can I say? What have I to do? Again he has to guide me step by step because I don't know how manage the chat device. In chat I found Doro, an Italian guy, who had begun to speak English to make fun of Project.
Anyway, in the meantime, I'm on the chat. We are at the time of the coronavirus phase 1, the chat has several users. And there again I have an unexpected experience: they are "normal" people. Please don't laugh! I find myself talking to some people and I enjoy it a lot. I can't remember each of them now because they are many ... in short, a very interesting dialogue was created with each of the guys in the chat and with none of them I felt uncomfortable or misunderstood or problems arose. That's why I'm still here. For the friendship of my favorite devil, and for me, because I feel at ease here. Project, since you entered my world my life has been better and I'm glad you're here. Thank you all. Thanks, Project.

1) T4o is read “Tao” (the zen icon), as in blun7 a swishland of Tha supreme
(2) ... ze] [/ size]