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On December 15, 2012, I posted on the blog gayproject2 the post "THE POPE AND THE GAY MARRIAGE" and this blog totalized more than 1200 visits in a few hours, almost all from the USA. The article deals with some recent statements by the Pope (Benedict XVI) on the subject of gay couples. Obviously I cannot agree with the statements of the Pope. My post is critical but not aggressive, as in the style of Gay Project. I posted the same article also in Italian on Italian sites. I received from U.S. some comments on this blog that left me very puzzled, comments that tend aggressively to religious fundamentalism, something that in Europe is inconceivable. The same article in the U.S. has picked up in practice only aggressive comments, I think also from homosexuals, on the contrary, in Italy, the comments came only from gay guys, also believers, and often with critical but not aggressive attitudes against the Pope: 

You can read below, literally, the comments that left me more puzzled:

1) “homosexuals have to be atheist and agnostics in order to condone their unnatural sexual appetite and behavior. If they really believed in a higher power that created this world and actually has certain ordinances and rules that we should all try to live by, they wouldn't try to promote their filthy and sinful lifestyle.”

2) “Queer marriage is just so wrong!!! It's not only a sin against God, and His basic design for mankind, it's a sin against mankind! It is also an aberration against human anatomy! And no, I'm not homoPHOBIC, perverts disgust me, they don't make me AFRAID! I just can't believe how a handful of perverts on this earth, could brainwash so many people into accepting this abomination! It looks like we need to start counter-brainwashing schemes to get things right again!”

3) “God loves us all and all of us are sinners. Be it adultery, homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc., but it is all sin. God wants us to love one another and Him and to turn away from the sin and love Him more than the sin. I love all too. I pray we all turn to Him. I am a sinner too and I do not want anyone to accept my sin as right. It is not.”

I think that people who express themselves with such aggressiveness are themselves victims of prejudices coming from an education that has led them to misunderstand the key messages of religion. I do not condemn these people but just what they say, and I hope they have a chance to overcome their prejudices opening their hearts to truly understand the arguments of others and to prove this way that religion has really an enormous positive potential of understanding and love. We all need to know and understand the arguments of others without pronouncing judgments.

Religious people in U.S. are so radically homophobic? I'd like to understand where this homophobia comes from. Thank you in advance for your further comments. I think that the compatibility of the homosexuality, experienced as a true form of love, and the Christianity is a major issue.

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