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After the release of the new version (17) of EasyPHP "compatible with Windows 10" I managed to resume work on the new test of sexual orientation of Gay Project. Today I put the prototype online:

I specific and I emphasize that the test uses cookies (like, in practice many sites) but they are completely harmless cookies and there are no tricks of any kind, they only are useful to pass intermediate results from one section to another of the program.

This new test is all based on images, technically it already works like that, but I have to add another type of question preceded by a written text. 

Compared to the previous test there are some news:

1) There is the male and female version, there is the Italian and the English version.

2) The test is flexible, in the sense that the following questions are chosen based on the previous answers and therefore two tests carried out by different people follow different question paths.

3) Response times are measured and evaluated.

Of course it is all to be perfected but the basic tools are there and then, at the moment, the test is not connected to a DB, but the result vector can be recorded every time a test comes to an end.

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