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I see that unfortunately the registered users on this forum are very few, that those who post are very few and that the posts are very few, and I really regret this, because the forum is very interesting. 

I wrote to Project to find out the reason for all this and he explained to me that, even if there were some subscriptions, the users were not allowed to post because they didn't send the email explicitly requested for activation. 

To carefully avoid the access of people not interested in the forum but only wishing to disturb or exploit the forum for commercial interests, Project, as clearly described on the page that shows the registration conditions, explicitly requested the sending of an email to the address [email protected] with the indication of the nick of the new user and some lines to make it clear that the email really arrives from a new user and not from an automatic system. Perhaps the registration page is very long and nobody reads it to the end, and I think it's a shame.

Another important thing: I also read the "Being Gay" manual and consider it a real mine of information and documents.

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