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I just finished reading the journalistic very documented report on the "reparative therapy of homosexuality" the therapy that Catholic groups recommend to solve the “problem” of homosexuality ( all under the supervision of a professor of psychology at the Gregorian Pontifical University. Already on another occasion I had to mention the “gay science” (gay here means light) of so-called scientists, but here things are more serious because behind these things there is the endorsement of the Catholic Church and this is not then the usual isolated guru. In these things are involved churchmen. I am personally convinced that the Christian message is a very serious thing, or rather something that, if taken seriously, is a very serious thing, and I have known men of the Church who have really spent their lives for the others. I wonder how it is possible that what is described in the published report could obtain the approval of the Church. How could be tolerable that a boy 15/16 y. o. should be subject, according to the will of the parents, to raving "reparative therapy od the homosexuality". These things are not only immoral but verge on the Criminal Code. On the Italian blog of Gay Project (and kept all data) someone thought to place false comments linking to sites that reported for reparative therapy of homosexuality.

Given the above, without taking into account the specific contents of the article, which show the squalor of certain circles, I’d like to develop here a few reflections on the idea of morality. For some people, who are inspired by the principles of a religious nature, morality corresponds to conform to a set of rules to which one attempts to give an absolute value, even revealed, and in this sense the pronunciation of any dogma about the content of the moral condemns as relativism any idea of evolution of the morality. For others, morality is not a para-legal matter, is not a dignified form of the Penal Code which defines authoritatively what is good and evil, but it is a principle according to which everything that is moral decreases the level of suffering of our neighbors and everything what is immoral increases it. Such principle is clearly of relativistic nature and does not require that there are objectively good things and objectively bad things, from this point of view good and evil are not judged a priori but only a posteriori on the basis of what they cause (cannot a good tree bear bad fruits, nor a bad tree bear good fruits). Now, each of us has a conscience and, as I have often said, there are people who need to get from outside their license of morality, starting from a more or less realistic adherence to accepted codes of conduct based on a principle of authority, in essence abdicating their freedom of conscience in the name of obedience, and there are people who consider unthinkable to accept external rules conflicting with their conscience. These people may work hard to find the principles of morality and to get reed of the external moral which is always the seemingly easier to accept.

A blog like this, viewed in the perspective of the people who evaluate prejudicially the homosexuality as "intrinsically disordered", is obviously considered morally reprehensible, not only because it also talks about sex, but because it attempts to emphasize the idea of "homosexuality as a value", that is, tends to emphasize that homosexuality itself, like all forms of love, can be experienced with a deep morality, with a total respect for others and to always promote the good of others.

The statement “gay = immorality” is not only deeply false but often doesn’t even come from ignorance, which may partly justify it, but from a radical form of hypocrisy. Who reads this blog, if has a minimum of conscience and honesty of mind, can never see gay people as bearers of a moral tendency "intrinsically disordered". I am gay, I talk to gay guys ten hours a day and I wonder: how can people who know these guys still have prejudices about the morality of gays? Among the gay guys I know, who are certainly not a few, I saw incredible acts of generosity, to the sacrifice of themselves and their own aspirations according to the good of others. I want to claim for pure spirit of truth, integrity, dignity and moral worth of a site like this, that gives me and the guys a chance for discussion and meeting, which alleviates the sense of loneliness and emotional deprivation which unfortunately still characterizes the lives of many gay men, which promotes peace of individuals and helps them to be comfortable with themselves and with others. I do not mean to be conceited: I see it every day, I can see the affection that I receive. I do not have the truth in my pocket and through this blog and chatting with the guys I changed my mind several times about substantial things. I'm not a psychologist, I have no claim to change the trends of anyone, things like that seem pathological to me. I have no ulterior motives of any kind and even less of economic nature, I have not established professional associations, I do not claim to be a scientist, all these things are thousands of miles away from me. I am Gay, I write it with a capital letter and I am glad of it. If there is something good to do for the gay guys, I feel obliged to do it, whatever the cost. Being gay is the source of my morality and when I talk with the guys and find them exactly like me, with the same dreams, the same anxieties, the same will to live their being gay so high, decent, moral, then I remain in my already deep-rooted belief that being gay is a value.

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