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Everyone goes through school. I open this very classic discussion with an apparently banal reflection: for a gay guy, the high school is hell and heaven mixed together, you enter at age 14 and you get out at 19, now young adult. In practice almost all the sexual and above all emotional apprenticeship is linked to the school environment. If for a straight guy behaviors can be relatively free, a gay guy experiences at school the same sense of constraint and limitation he will experience for the rest of his life. It is literally, unfortunately, a school of life. Despite all the limitations that a gay guy feels on his skin, sexual curiosity is always vigilant and generally prevails over the sense of discomfort, among the older guys sometimes develop very strong affective relationships, friendships, amorous friendships and also true stories of love. You can see many stories of heterosexual love, you can never see gay love stories and in fact you never even see gay guys. Everything at school is rigidly straight, no one, neither a teacher nor a student is allowed to open up his speech to gays, the game is dangerous and sometimes, under the appearance of pedagogical and psychological care, some children can suffer latent homophobia in the institution. Here are a few pages from the 1976 school diary of Dario, a 16-year-old guy.

I would have preferred to be born ugly! … Mom…. why did you make me so beautiful? If I was ugly I was better ... I cannot stand these (-omissis-) ... They cling to me, they make me an endless series of unwanted cuddles. Cynthia always sits on my legs and pretends nothing ... Paola even kisses me ... But do you realize that I also have to endure you when you make the owl? ... but go away to Christian because for such a thing he melts like an ice cream in the sun, so you can make him happy and leave me quiet ...... but luckily for him he’s ugly ... well ... but that's enough … but for how long has she to preach this (-omissis-) [the philosophy teacher]? And then she always slips towards politics and she says that she teaches philosophy ... But what do you look at? ... I'm writing ... but what do you care about what I'm writing? ... I'm taking notes of my cabbages ... see ... I do "yes yes" with my head as if I was listening to you ... are you satisfied? ... but I think she really looks a lot like mad Madam Mim!

What a anger!! I really have to eat that one!! You're old, that’s ok! you have a protruding belly, that’s ok! you don’t even have hair on your head, it's not your fault. But you're anyway an asshole! ... I wait for your two hours of physical education for the whole week because I have to see Emilio undressing ... and you? You stay at home because you're sick ... and they send us the witch to do another two hours of philosophy ... but fuck! .. I have to wait another week ...

Today Madam Mim calls me ... "What are you writing? ... bring me the diary!"... I ... to you ... the diary ... but I don’t bring you anything at all! I had to beg, I could not give it to her. Anyway she is a (-omissis-) ... and then Paula, the gossipy by definition, she even told me that in her opinion Fabrizio is gay ... Fabrizio! But he’s as ugly as hunger ... if she had said Emilio it would have been very different ... well ...

Today we talked and he was the one who searched for me! ... Oh well ... there were only us because there was the assembly and there were just four cats ... but he says to me: "Do you want a coffee?" I certainly did not wait for him to repeat the proposal ... We have been talking from nine to noon. Emilio is fascinating ... he is a poet, he says beautiful things, a bit melancholy, however, he says they have never loved him .... but how is it possible? For almost all the time we talked about the school, but this is the first time we speak. He's athletic, he's almost 17 and it looks like he's got twenty! He shaves every day and has a beautiful facial skin. He's really nice and then he doesn’t believe to be the charming prince ... he has no boast ... when he was there I would have (-omissis-) ... I say it just to say, but not so much! ... then Madam Mim went by and made me nervous: "What are you two doing there? ... go to the assembly! ... come on!" She put herself in front of the door of the classroom and waited for us to come out ... and when we left she looked at us with a little grin that I didn’t really like. I told Emilio: "The witch thought who knows what..." and he told me something beautiful: "And let her think!" Very good, Emilio, good answer! At the assembly a deadly bore. There was a guy who was attending the fifth year who preached as if he understood everything ... we of the fifth class here and we of the fifth class there ..." ... Oh! My beautiful! If the witch makes you a shriek, you piss on yourself! Emilio and I got on one side and we were chatting and at one point I leaned on Emilio's shoulder ... a dreamy feeling ... then a guy passed and he made me eyes, I turned around and the witch was just behind me ... she said only: "Eh! ..." and I looked at her and said to her: " Teacher, but here everyone is making out ... but tell it also to the others! ... " And there the world has burst: "You are two rude guys!"... "If anything I'm rude guy ... he has nothing to do with it!" ... "Oh no! He has to do with it a lot ... but where do you think you are?" Emilio turned to me: "Let's go!" I was red with rage, under the eyes of the witch Emilio takes my hand and we move hand in hand. It was one of the best moments of my life! Then I got the fear because she usually takes revenge, but Emilio said: "We cannot let us be influenced by Madam Mim! ..." I love him, at the beginning it was only a matter of sex but now I love him, I love him a lot! Emilio!!!

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