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Hi Project,
I'm a 22 year old guy, I recently started reading Gay Project forum and it seems to me a very interesting thing and above all linked to what being gay really means, because on the net you read stories of all kind, but 99% of such stories are ideological and completely invented . I noticed that, on the Forum, the articles dedicated to the relationship between religion and homosexuality stop after Bergoglio's early days. I also noticed that you have a certain sympathy for Pope Francis and treat him with a lot of indulgence compared to Ratzinger, not that I ever liked Ratzinger, because he wrote truly incredible things, inciting discrimination only on the basis of doctrinal preconceptions. But I don't want to talk about Bergoglio, otherwise I risk playing your game, or rather the game you play unknowingly, which aims to lighten the tone. I don't know what Pope Francis really thinks, undoubtedly he did not incite the crusade against gay people, but, let's be clear, in the church, about gay people, NOTHING has changed! There was the homophobia that remains even now as it was before, a little more protected and less heralded but NOTHING has changed. If being a believer means accepting all that the church says about sexuality, being a believer means giving up definitively your reasoning brain to follow the teachings of the church, even when they are clearly incompatible with a secular morality, that is, with a moral of freedom, minimal and indispensable. For the past 4 years, I have been a frequent visitor to the environments of my parish, well, I can tell you that I have come to the conclusion that a gay guy cannot pretend to share things that are clearly the opposite of reality. I occasionally read what Christian-inspired gay groups write and frankly I’m baffled. But how can they not open their eyes? And then the church never loved freedom. Today there is no witch hunt because there is a minimum of schooling and there is a minimum of secular morality, if it were not so, the witch hunt for this or that would exist as in past centuries. At first I used to get angry with the gay Catholic guys who do everything to hope for a hypothetical change of orientation by the church, but the fish are made to stay in the water, the skies and the earth are not for them and it is useless to try to teach fishes to fly because they will never succeed! Can one be a believer and at the same time maintain his freedom of conscience? Obviously not! When I read the Gospel it is all very simple and aims to a person's emotionality, but on this simple basis shareable also by a lay person, has been overlapped a whole doctrinal superstructure that ended up obscuring the underlying message. Project, why did you surrender to the beautiful words of Pope Francis? Do you really believe that something has changed or can change? I have stopped believing in it for a long time now.
That’s all. Obviously I think it would be better to publish my email, but I leave the ball to you.
L. N.

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