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At the end of December 2007, I published on the blogs of Gay Project three separate posts containing an interview, divided into three parts, recorded by me in September 2007. The original interview is in Italian or better, in a very lively colloquial language, spontaneous and colorful, typical of young Italians of the time. It is a very interesting love story. It was certainly not easy to translate the story into English trying to save the broken prose and the typical tones of the way of speaking of young people. I think it is worthwhile to read the story, even if it is not very short.


Frederick, I call him Chicco, damn how he gave me a pretty hard time ... but I love him to death ... As for me, well ... anyway, I was a little too rush before, I can say precipitous, that is I didn’t even know what the embarrassment was, I had had more or less serious stories with four or five guys in three years, maybe too many stories ... let's say I was rather uninhibited ... yes ... that is, I have always liked guys very much, they're so sweet, I don’t know, being close to them gives me a lot of ... well ... it's not just a philosophical thing ... In short, a nice guy is beautiful and he also gives you a real sensation, that is, you really want him, And let me be blunt about this, I'm not ashamed, I like a guy because he stimulates me sexually ... otherwise ...  he can also have the brain of Einstein but he tells me nothing ... I'm not one of those who are fascinated at the mental level, for me the physical reaction must take place ... you certainly understand ... well ... the trouble is that this thing happens to me very often, that is, I don’t say just with all the guys I know ... but it happens a lot ... and then ... Oh well, what is it? Oh ... it's like that ... when it happens to me, it's not like I'm having too much problems ... I just try ... I’m a little afraid of being detected by other people but it never happened and then I have the gay radar and up until now I have hit the mark ... I've done so, let's say from 16/17 years until 22, the first real sexual contact ... always something relative, but sex in explicit terms with another guy I had it at age 19 ... he was not bad but he was not even all this overwhelming beauty ... and then one usually gets depressed or must calm a bit ... but can you see me depressed or calm? ... I said: "This guy is so ... but I can find a guy even better!" ... and then, one after another ... well! What are you laughing for? ... Don’t be stupid ... oh ... it happens ... well two years ago I met Frederick at the university ... he was 21 years old, and was in my course, a year after me. I have always passed the exams ... but I never got the star of the first of the class, that is, I go to class ... but if by chance I find a cute guy I go around with him and in class I'm not going at all ... oh! I don’t get overwhelmed by scruples ... I can lose an hour of lessons and even two, but I don’t want to lose a cute guy ... Oh well ... I see him, but he does not make me all this effect, cute he is cute, but there is even better, at least, so, physically, I say ... I then I was dry with the guys ... and I said to myself: "I try!" ... I approach him, I greet him ... I don’t know what to think, my radar is disoriented ... I said ... "I hope I'm not going to start a story with a straight guy!" ... I needed some more element. Chicco talked only about exams, not about girls ... you know ... it's already a lot ... but you can always take the beating ... then I said: Forget him! ... he didn’t go along ... in short if a guy likes it, even just to chat, you understand it ... but he was formal and made me get some nerves! He spoke like a printed book and I said: "Go fuck yourself! ... you and your haughtiness! I’ll find another better than you!"... So I said ... but, you know, one thing is to say and one thing is what happens to you inside ... I went to class and I kept thinking about Chicco, I then didn’t even his name ... then I had two hours of break, usually I go to the library because it is the ideal place to look at the most cute guys, you put yourself there with a book in front and pretend to read. "Oh well, this time I didn’t go to the library to do the gaywatching and I started looking for Chicco around the university, I could not enter the classrooms where there was a lesson but I was looking for him and I said to myself: "Dear Sandro, but you are becoming totally stupid! ... You are running after a guy who barely looked at you! "... oh ... it was so! In short, I find him in the small library on the second floor ... I go to sit next to him ... because sometimes I'm just a bad guy ... but he doesn’t change his attitude ... nothing at all! Not even a small sign, he greets me, he beckons me to shut up because you cannot talk there ... so I write him on a sheet: "What time do you go home? So let's have a chat." He answers me "Now I have to study because I have an exam in 20 days, but thanks for the proposal." An ambiguous and provocative answer at the same time ... I pretended to read and then every now and then I looked at him but he never looked at me, he thought only of the book ... I look at him once, two and three times and then I break my balls. Well no! I cannot waste time with this guy! I feel like a fool, I get up to leave, I do bye with my hand, he responds the same way, looks at me and winks ... But go to hell! He winks at me ... he doesn’t greet me as he greets his colleagues, he winks at me ... I had already said goodbye. I'm leaving. Oh! I could not get him out of my head ... The following days I always saw him in the library to study ... I went in, I said goodbye, he winked at me, then one day he waved me -10, as if to tell me that the exams would have been in 10 days, then we counted down day by day. I went to hear him at the exams and he was a monstrous thing, I didn’t know even a half of the things he knew. I had arrived when he was already in front of the professor and I thought he had someone accompany him but it was not like that. He took his 30 and praise (I dream of such things!) as if nothing had happened, then he approached me ... and he told me: "Here I am ..." We went out, he invited me to have breakfast with him. He spoke little, he was formal, I didn’t know what to do, I felt a little uncomfortable, he didn’t show any emotion. I didn’t know what to do. I told him he was nice and I was happy that the exam was fine ... the dialogue was very slow, at the limit of the impossible. After two hours we took the subway but he was going much farther than me. I was upset a lot. So the next day I see him and we spend two hours together, two strange hours but not two hours wasted, he didn’t leave, neither I, even if there was talk just about nothing ... in short, we went on like this for some days, now the fact of seeing each other and talking a little bit became an obvious thing. I said to myself: "If I don’t break ice myself we get bogged down here." So one day, after a few generic conversation, I told him that I had to tell him something important and that I wanted some privacy, we left the university and I told him: "Listen ... I have to tell you that I'm gay". He doesn’t upset at all, he tells me that he had already understood it and that the thing is not a problem for him, but the answer that I wanted from him was not that ... and then I ask him the direct question: "Are you gay?" ... He only tells me "Yes" and doesn’t add a word, he is absolutely peaceful in saying it ... then I insist: "And … if I had fallen in love with you?" ... and he begins a very strange speech, he tells me that he is not in love with me, then he asks me what does it mean to fall in love ... and I don’t know what to say ... we keep on talking ... then he tells me that it’s evident that I love him but he thinks he doesn’t love me, he tells me that he doesn’t believe in love. I take courage and I tell him that I really want him on a sexual level, in saying it I fear his reaction ... he replies that he wants me too but this has nothing to do with love and that what he feels is not love but only selfishness, because really of me as a person he doesn’t care at all ... he tells me that he will never make love with me because he doesn’t want to play with feelings ... he is upset, very upset ... I propose to him to take a ride in the car, he accepts ... We go out of town, I don’t know what to do, he doesn’t speak. I make a risky gesture, I take his hand, the first physical contact with Chicco. I, who was never afraid of anything, with him felt embarrassed, upset ... he waits a few seconds, obviously doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t withdraw his hand, doesn’t retract it but doesn’t even tighten mine ... tens of seconds pass like a nightmare, then finally he shakes my hand and hugs it very close to almost hurting me ... then starts crying and says that he will never succeed to love me really. I take a handkerchief, wipe away his tears and he shows me  slightly a smile or better a half smile ... I feel him very close but I don’t have the courage to kiss him. We remain silent in the car for a very long time without looking at each other, hand in hand. Sometimes he hugs me tightly. Then he says to me: "Take me back home, I'm fine now, but I don’t want to deceive you". I raise his hand and kiss it, he lets it go, now the magic moment seems over, I start the engine and bring him home. He greets me giving me a very light caress on the hand, he had never done such a thing ... then he tells me. "With me you have to be very patient ... please don’t abandon me ..." He got out of the car, I did the same, he didn’t expect it, I hugged him very tightly and lifted him off the ground, I made him just do a round of 360° without letting him touch the ground, then I kissed him. He was crying! Our story begun like this! 

Well, I resume from where I left before ... One who hears this story up  to that moment what does he think? He thinks that the following day they go to bed together! ... But no! Do you know what he does? ... - and come on, I'm telling you soon ... - he goes into crisis, but just in a crazy way, and doesn’t even tell me anything ... just abruptly disappears! I call him on his cell phone and he doesn’t answer me, I send him a lot of text messages and he doesn’t answer me. I send him 20 e-mails a day and he doesn’t answer me ... he made me feel really bad this (omissis), it's better for me to forget it! In short, he was seized by a crisis of conscience ... exactly! It's not that he didn’t feel attracted, maybe if he had not felt attracted, perhaps repressing himself could have been something thinkable ... No! He felt attracted to me ... but he just couldn’t bear this fact - "I gay? It’s impossible! ... yes, a fantasy happens ... but only that ... " - ... Let's say that maybe he had also got used to the idea that he liked the guys ... but in his own way! ... - Yes ... and come on! - ... He looked at guys and thought about them ... thought a lot about them! Did you understand!?... that is,... but who is the gay guy who if he sees a guy whom he likes, in the end, does not masturbate fantasizing above him? ... But he does not! He never did it! ... or almost never ... when he did it, it seemed to him that he had killed someone ... he went to confession, told the priest only that he had masturbated ... but that he was thinking of a guy he didn’t tell him anything at all ... So, when it happened to him, the thing died there ... because they were all fancy stuff ... but I was there ... well, for all the time we counted down to the exams, in the library, he was looking at me, but not so much, he had put in his mind that the love he felt for me he did not have to dirty it with sex! ... That's it! ... in short, he for the entire period we had spent together, if I can say so, before the story of the hug out of the car, they would have been twenty days at least, he had never masturbated thinking of me! Yes, it is! ... I instead ... obviously ... I was always there ... but he thought that doing the same he could offend me, he thought that masturbating thinking of me meant that he didn’t love me ... and other stupidities like that! Oh well I didn’t even know it ... and how could such a thing have crossed my mind ... Now I tell you what happened ... because he would never tell you himself ... the evening of the hug he came back home and masturbated thinking of me! ... And he liked it as well! ... and then ... - he told me about it, and he was serious ... - he felt like a dishonest ... he didn’t feel worthy of me ... damn it, if he knew what I did! ... Anyway ... I went under his house ... day and night! ... I thought of everything ... that he had had an accident ... maybe that his parents had seen us from the window ... but I would never have thought things like they really were ... He makes me wait under his house two days and two whole nights ... - then he told me he saw me from behind a window and he knew I was there - ... well, on the third day he felt sorry for me ... he said: "If I don’t do something ... I find him embalmed here below "... in short, he went down the street ... I was in the car in the cold, half-frozen ... he knocks on the glass and makes me sign that he wants to get in the car ... it didn’t seem true to me ... I thought: "He has taken his decision!" ... I was upset a bit from sleep, a bit from the cold but also from happiness ... He sits, serious, I would have beaten him ... and tells me all the things I told you before. I thought, "Is he really out of mind or is he pretending? But this guy must be sent by some serious psychologist!" He went on to tell me what he had to tell, with the face of one who would be buried by shame and never looked at my face, I don’t say a smile, for heaven's sake. I said to myself: "What am I doing here with this guy? ... and I was under his house two days and two nights! ... But I send him instantly to get fucked ...! ". And I said to him: "Listen to me, I don’t really care about all these stupid things, come get out and go away!" But he didn’t want to go out and I was getting angry badly! At that moment I would have beaten him ... but he started crying and completely turned the omelette, he told me that he would do anything for me, that he felt stupid, and so on ... then tells me that if I wanted to, he could make love with me as well immediately. And do you know what I told him? "My dear, but you are crazy! ... so, later, if you throw yourself under the train, the fault is also mine!"... He felt uncomfortable, he was crying desperately ... then I started the engine and we went for a ride. I swear to you, I didn’t know what to do, I would never have wanted one like him, but he had glued to me and I liked such a situation ... you know, you say: "I’ll wean this guy ... he has never been with anyone"... in short, it’s not a small thing ... Oh, well, we go out of town, I didn’t know what to do ... No! ... seriously! I thought: "This one I violate him!" ... but not for me, just for him! Look, I really thought so ... but, well, given the type, the reaction a little scared me ... But I wanted him to melt a little ... In short, we were all day around ... He was happy! ... and well! ... and then he tells me: "I'm happy because you didn’t try other things!" ... then he looked at me and told me: "Don’t be angry ... today I was fine ..." and he even fleshed me a smile, that when he smiles ... well ... in short , it was worth it ... So I asked him: "Do you feel attracted to me?" He began to answer philosophical things and I told him. "No! Wait up! ... I want to know if you feel attracted to me sexually ... " He became red like a pepper and said: " ... even sexually ... yes "... then I told him: "So then today you have to masturbate thinking of me ... " He reacted very badly to my final comment, not for the thing itself but because he thought I was making fun of him, his eyes were red and he told me: "You cannot understand these things ... you don’t have to tease me I'm making a terrible effort to adapt to you and you don’t even understand it!" I apologized in the most sincere way and I felt as if I had betrayed him. He told me: "The excuses are not necessary ... I know that you love me." At that moment I thought: "I really love this guy! I’ll dedicate all my life to him!" I wanted to ask him something about his life, I wanted to understand something more than those things “that I could not understand" but it was not the moment ... He had understood that I loved him but I didn’t know if he would give me another date, I did not know whether to ask him, I was afraid to go too fast ... by now I would have adapted to its rhythms anyway ... In short ... all the way up to his house I wondered how I should have said bye, that is at what level ... in short, if I could take his hand or I could caress him. When we arrived under his house I felt frozen ... he made a gesture that I never expected, he took my right hand in his and kissed it ... then he said: "See you tomorrow at university ... " and told me not to get out of the car.

The other time we had finished with the afternoon spent in the car when he had given me the appointment at the university ... In short, you  have understood who Chicco is ... The next day I go at the university ... well, I expected him to melt completely, that is, I don’t say too much, but I waited at least a bit of complicity, I honestly wanted a lot more ... I thought: “Chicco is melting and then I can enjoy him properly!” Oh! Nothing absurd eh! I love Chicco ... but a tender thing, oh well, I knew it was impossible, but you know, fantasy sometimes came back and then I wondered if he would have masturbate thinking of me, I said to myself: “Certainly not!” But then the brain was always there again and again! He was so ashamed, yes ... but in the end it's not that it takes a lot, and I imagined that while I was doing it he did it too and then we did it together ... for me being in love with Frederick was like that ... that is,  how can you fall in love with a guy without  thinking of him in terms of sex? ... No! It’s impossible! ... Well now these were only my fantasies ... from him, given the type, I didn’t know what to expect – Chicco, it is useless for you to make me sign to shut up and become red! ... if we have to tell him everything we must tell things how they really are - Okay ... I wait for him at the end of the lesson and he dodges me, I follow him wagging my tail and he pretends not to see me ... I insist and put a hand on his shoulder and he looks at me as if he wanted to electrocute me, I withdraw my hand ... but I don’t give up and he goes to the parking lot, he has the car there, makes me sign to get in the car and starts one of his rants, says that it was all a mistake, that he thought about it, that he doesn’t want to make me suffer because in any case he can never fall in love with anyone, he apologizes a hundred times and tells me that our story has no future. Apparently it seems determined, I'm embarrassed. I tell him: “Give me a serious reason, just one!” He doesn’t know what to say, he repeats that he doesn’t feel it but in the speech he sometimes lets himself go to flashes about his life that doesn’t seem casual and escaped by distraction, they are things desired and often told with a visible embarrassment, that is the speech that he tries to do is serious and he commits himself very strongly. While I'm talking, I look at him and he stares at the empty space in front of him. He tells me that he’s very religious and that for him to feel at peace with his own conscience is fundamental, then he adds a whole story about the fact that he knows very well the positions of the church on gays "and he accepts them!" ... Yes, you understood correctly: he accepts them! ... so he said! ... I said to myself: "What does this guy say? But I choke him!" But he had prepared his little speech accurately and he was acting everything to me ... just like a well packaged script ... Oh ... I liked Chicco and a lot ... but when one plays such a scene, you give him up! You certainly cannot become crazy with him ... What had I to do? Two plus two is four and I say that I'm sorry for everything that happened and I open the door to go down. He turns to me and says: "No! Please! Please! Don’t go!" I closed the door and told him: " Listen Frederick ... but you're telling me that I have to go!" He tells me it's not true, he doesn’t want me to leave but he doesn’t even want a good friendship like ours to be ruined by "other things" ... Other things?! ... At that moment he made me angry but he made me feel sorry too, I saw that he was holding back in a frightening way, almost raped himself to self-control, we were at the university parking lot, and in the morning and there were people, but I had the precise feeling that if we were alone and I had kissed him he would abandon himself completely ... but it could not be done. I didn’t know what to do ... I made him talk ... but he said a lot of stupid things that in the end I couldn’t bear anymore and I told him. "Frederick, you didn’t understand anything about life!" And he looked at me, red eyes, little tear, and told me: "I think you're right ... I would like to live like you ... but I can’t do it, I just can’t." We sent to hell all the morning and afternoon lessons and we left the city, two sandwiches and something to drink and then always talking and we talked about sex, he told me that the day before he had masturbated again thinking of me and then he hadn’t felt guilty. Because for him, after masturbation, you "must" feel guilty! I told him that I had masturbated too, imagining that we did it at the same time and I told him that I had fantasized about the fact that we could do it together and he replied that it was a beautiful thought and that the same evening he would masturbate thinking of me and dreaming of doing it with me. I would not have dreamed of something like this from Frederick neither after twenty years of gay marriage! I was upset ... in the morning he tells me that he has the scruples of conscience and in the afternoon he gives me speeches like that. I say to myself: "What am I doing? Have I to try?" In the end I take his hand, first he lets me do it but does not participate, then shakes my hand, caressing it. My hand is dry and warm, his is cold and wet, almost insensibly I try to feel the pulse: it is very frequent, he’s anxious. I think I'm doing well and I say to him: "Frederick, come on, now I'll take you home", he looks at me upset: "But why? What did I do? ... I'm letting myself go now but it costs me a lot ... we're here, please ... don’t bring me home ... I want to be with you ... Please Sandro, don’t freeze me like that! If it’s necessary, insist on me, I'm not used to these things but I want them, I swear I want them and I don’t want to ruin everything ... I don’t want to ruin everything ... hug me, please, hug me! Why don’t you do that? Why don’t you understand that I need it?" We sat in the back seat of the car and I hugged him tightly, I didn’t even think about kissing him. I held him to me and my Chicco trembled, trembled and chattered his teeth, he didn’t say a word. I was shocked, I had my adventures but I had never seen a guy who had a physical need to be embraced by me as violent as that of Frederick. He was stressed out. I caressed his hair but I didn’t kiss him. After a few minutes I looked him in the eyes and I said: "Chicco ... I love you!" He told me: "Now, if you want, we can go." We passed on the front seats and I drove to his house, he told me that he had feared that I would refuse him and that he loved me because I had understood that he needed time. I told him: "Only for this?" And he replied: "For this even more!" Every so often while I was driving I passed my hand through his hair and he said to me: "Come on, come on ... don’t do that." but he said it with a very sweet voice ... Along the way I asked him a thousand times how he was and he said:" Good! Sandro, good!" Then I ventured a more difficult speech, I told him: "I have to tell you something ... I'm embarrassed a lot but I have to tell you ... when we hugged, I wanted you ... I went really hard, I thought I couldn’t hold it back." He told me: "Yes, I noticed ... ". I ask him the explicit question: "Does it bother you?". He replies: "No ... it happened to me too ..." ... Chicco, but you don’t say anything? – “And what have I to say? You have already said everything ... but I've got a fear ... that if this story ends up on the internet I can be considered just like a total imbecile ... anyway I'd like to know how the readers of our story will take it, they should be all gays ... Wow! That is bad! ... well, but I think that nobody will read it!

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